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Exploring opportunities to advance your business in a thriving economic landscape?

Dive into our comprehensive report to uncover why Poland offers compelling strategic geographic advantages, strong economic growth, and an attractive investment climate.

The global business scene is rapidly evolving, with significant shifts in strategies and supply chains. Positioned at the heart of these transformations, Poland emerges as a pivotal market in the region, ready to influence the future of business.

This report offers comprehensive guidance for manufacturing companies either looking to establish or expand their operations in Poland.

What Does Poland’s Industrial Landscape Offer Your Business? Gain Insights from Leading Industry Experts

We are excited to present this up-to-date report on investing in Poland, a crucial tool for any business aiming to leverage Poland’s strategic position in their growth plans.

Crafted in collaboration of JLL, the Polish Investment & Trade Agency, Hays, and ALTO, it provides essential insights into the country’s robust manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Discover detailed analysis on the business environment, labor market dynamics, legal frameworks, taxation, ESG and the opportunities in public grants and incentives. Additionally, it delves into the real estate market, offering guidelines on various acquisition and rental strategies.

Why Poland is becoming a top choice for manufacturing investments in Europe?

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